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9:24 Tuesday, 29 of Sep
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X marks the spot for Nissan in 2021

Until recently Nissan still commanded a position in the top 3 car manufacturers in terms of market share in Namibia. Granted, it was a distant third behind Toyota and Volkswagen, but also well ahead of the rest of the pack. In 2019 Ford snuck ahead, becoming the third largest manufacturer by market share with 6%, compared to Nissan’s 5.6%. However, Nissan might be on the comeback trail with their new X-Trail on the horizon.

Targeted for 2021, the new X-Trail hopes to be the embodiment of Nissan’s slogan: Innovation that excites. This fourth generation vehicle doesn’t aim to reinvent the wheel, but adapts its previous iterations to eliminate inefficiencies in the design. At the same time, a lot of thought was put into creating a comfortable experience when driving, be it on urban roads or the great outdoors.

The car sports more rounded edges which, together with a new grille system and strong turbodiesel engine, manage to reduce air resistence while on the road. Similar to previous models, the new X-Trail retains a big load space in the rear. It has updated and digitised its instrumentation panels and even made the seats more comfortable for those long drives.

For those customers looking to invest in an offroad vehicle it will be worth noting that Nissan has opted to stick with their usual all-wheel-drive system. This time around, they’ve updated it with a new electro-hydraulic clutch to improve its performance on varied terrains. At the same time, the car will also sport two new drive settings: Off-road and Snow. While the former will likely see a lot of use, it is difficult to imagine the latter being used at all in local conditions.

It’s still a long road until the new X-Trail becomes available. That makes it difficult to determine in what price bracket it will end up. Suffice to say that news of its introduction is more than likely to drive down prices in the pre-owned market. This is good news for customers who would like to get some experience with the X-Trail before deciding on potentially pulling the trigger for the latest, newest model. All in all, if the car performs to expectations, this could do a lot to bolster Nissan’s resurgence in the local market.

Published on 21.06.2020 by NamCars.net

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Nam CarsNewsX marks the spot for Nissan in 2021