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9:05 Friday, 21 of Feb
Windhoek, Namibia

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Reporting a stolen vehicle in Namibia or associated crime online

It is quite challenging to find any information in numbers about stolen vehicles and illegal penetration into motor vehicles in Namibia. And if there is any part of information available online, it is usually outdated or unconfirmed, which gives no reference to the public in regard to the real criminal situation in the country.

We can not say that that there is no such information available at all, but it is very hard to find it online, without submitting some additional inquiry to the relevant authorities in Namibia. But sometimes getting information fast is very important in numerous real-life situations, including uncovering crimes themselves.

NamCars.net is quite capable to take on such a social burden as creating a database of all crimes in the country related to motor vehicles with free 24/7 access for everyone in order to reduce the crime impact in Namibia. And by this article we are opening a public discussion in regards to how it should be implemented, and who is willing to collaborate.

We’re talking not only about quick recording of vehicles thefts, but also about the quick recording and accounting of any illegal actions associated with motor vehicles in Namibia: from stolen wallet in the taxi & stolen car radio to the vehicle hijacking.

This article is our appeal to the public with an attempt to understand if there is a demand for such service, and if we get a good response to our initiative, we will start development of such service inside of NamCars.net platform. The experience of other countries, where a similar service already exists, shows significant decrease of crime level in that field along with the evolving network of volunteers jointly looking for the missing vehicles and other stolen property.

Published on 17.01.2020 by NamCars.net

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Nam CarsNewsReporting a stolen vehicle in Namibia or associated crime online