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No new cars for politicians in Namibia till 2025

On the 14th of May, the president of Namibia Hage Geingob has directed that during 2020-2025 there will be no renovation for politician's fleet vehicles. The government's decision to freeze the purchase of new cars for the next five years was made in order to reduce spending for more effective governance. 

Before ministers and their deputies were destined for at least three cars, including a Mercedes-Benz for official use, an off-road car and a sedan. Now each Namibian minister and his deputy are entitled only to a single Mercedes-Benz car according to their intended purpose.

As the President’s spokesman Alfredo Hengari said, “No new vehicles will be purchased for members of the executive and public office bearers in the Namibian government,” mainly in order to channel funds for control of coronavirus. There was also a monthly fuel limit set for top politicians to further cut the budget expenses. 

It hasn’t been specified though whether the government fleet may be reinforced by purchasing some used cars in case of need, as this ban may be valid only in regards to buying new cars. Currently, according to the information presented at the official website of the Ministry of Works and Transport, the Government garage division has around 2700 fleet of various makes and types of vehicles, which, in our humble opinion, might be enough to serve the needs in transport services to all Agencies/Ministries/Offices, including top politicians during next few years without purchasing any additional new or used cars.

The president mentioned, that this solution allows to save about 200 million Namibian dollars in the next 5 years. These extra funds will be directed to priority problems, especially while the country is dealing with the health and economic consequences of the COVID - 19 pandemic. 

Up to this day, there were 16 cases of coronavirus recorded in Namibia, all of them not lethal, however, it seems that the President Geingob remains alerted and prefers to be well prepared and have some extra reserves in case the situation gets worth. 

In addition, Namibia has been suffering from recurring droughts over the past five years which further worsened already declining government revenue. Altogether it puts Namibia in quite a complicated position which this country has never faced before and is yet to learn how to deal with.

Published on 20.05.2020 by NamCars.net

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Nam CarsNewsNo new cars for politicians in Namibia till 2025