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Nam CarsNewsNamibian celebrity Dillish Mathews takes new challenge on vehicle sales
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Used cars in Namibia Namibia vehicle sales

Namibian celebrity Dillish Mathews takes new challenge on vehicle sales

"The most hardworking celeb” - that’s how fans of Dillish call her, and she is fully in line with this description launching her very own vehicle classifieds in Namibia.

Despite the fact that her new venture is a direct competitor of NamCars, we welcome her initiative to engage in the car advertising in addition to her other business activities. Unlike some other vehicle sales websites, her website can exist in harmony with NamCars.net, as her audience is not coming from search engines, but mainly from social networks and thus will only add some extra value to dealers on the top of current one, instead of duplicating the value like other vehicle marketplaces do.

Bellow is the appeal of Ms. Dillish Mathews to Namibian car dealerships:

“Dear fellow citizens of our beloved country and car dealers!

I am glad to introduce to you (name of the website) - my very own new website designed for buying and selling used vehicles in Namibia.

I just launched the site with the help of Dealer Login, and all your vehicles are on my website already. So, there is no need to do anything extra from your side. Only your willingness to work with me for the best interest of all of us.

Being a public figure and having around 637,000 active Instagram followers, 305,000 facebook "likes" on my fan page & 226 500 followers on twitter. I believe I will be able to promote your vehicles well enough to deliver some good extra value to your current marketing campaigns and business in general.

All your vehicles presented on (name of the website) will be advertised for free until it works for you well enough to talk about my subscription fees.

Looking forward to a successful partnership with you all.

Love: Dillish Mathews”

From now on, Dealer Login business management system will be used not only by NamCars.net marketplace, but also by the new Namibian independent service provider, which will benefit all parties.

"Dealer Login is a tool that allows simple yet efficient ways of administering inventory and sharing product data across the Internet."

Other-words, Dealer Login does not advertise vehicles by itself, it is only pushing vehicles to multiple advertising platforms simultaneously, which allows car dealerships to save time and gives the opportunity to track efficiency of each separate advertising platform in real-time. This is a very convenient tool used by Namibian car dealerships everyday for years by now, and it would be very great for our customers if all Namibian vehicle sales marketplaces would join Dealer Login too.


Published on 01.03.2020 by NamCars.net

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Nam CarsNewsNamibian celebrity Dillish Mathews takes new challenge on vehicle sales