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NamCars launches very own article digest

It’s been about two years since the largest newspaper in Namibia, called “The Namibian” posted false news referring to an interview about NamCars, which never really happened. Nevertheless, all our complaints and appeals to the newspaper were completely ignored and this article is still available on their website without any apology or refutation. So we figured that it might be quite normal and usual for their editorial policy not to comply with facts, and all their news might have the same quality level with false information being given to all Namibian citizens.

But the thirst for justice haunts us to this day, because we have no idea who was that person called the NamCars Manager in their article, whom they allegedly interviewed on behalf of NamCars.net, neither why they give so many credits to NaCC campaign (Namibian Competition Commission) against NamCars.net, which assigns themselves any achievements «in positive changes», when in our own opinion, these changes happened not thanks but rather in spite of their intervention.

We believe that it’s good to have a possibility of expressing our own and very independent opinion on certain issues of our business particularly and automotive related subjects in general. Thats how and why we came up with the idea to launch our own articles digest on NamCars.net with some regular updates, which will make NamCars even more attractive for our users.

NamCars.net will publish rather less but something better than just re-writing press releases of car manufacturers which you read in most others automotive-related websites. It will be focused mostly on data analytics, interesting facts, and modern marketing in the automotive sector.

Published on 27.12.2019 by NamCars.net

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Nam CarsNewsNamCars launches very own article digest