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Facebook Groups as Part of Namcars Marketing Strategy

Have you ever wondered why Facebook does not set search filters and categories on their thematic Facebook Groups the same as websites do, and why people have to scroll down hundreds of posts in order to find something relevant? It is not difficult, it is just in conflict with the interests of Facebook, which earns on “The soap bubble” much more than they would earn owning and selling a product or service themselves.

The reason is that installation of search filters into the thematic groups would automatically force them to compete with all other online marketplaces, which are selling «leads» (a potential sales contact, individual or organization that expresses an interest in the specific goods or services) with only difference that «the lead quality» from all other websites would be much better than the social one, and Facebook might not handle the competition for a variety of reasons, ranging from corporate governance to cost of services, which can lead to the devaluation of likes and views, which are their own product with the highest ROI compared to any advertised goods or services of third parties.

And then why should they accept responsibility for the purchase, sale, logistics, quality control, return, guarantee, warehouses, employees and etc. if people pay more for likes and views?

Every day, three girls from morning to evening are busy moderating Namibian Facebook groups with 1.3 million members in total in order to have extra space for car dealer’s stock advertising. Two of them are managing following Facebook groups:

  • 1. Urgent cars for sale in Namibia
  • 2. Second Hand Car To Buy Or Sell Namibia
  • 3. New or used cars for sale in Namibia
  • 4. Cars Namibia
  • 5. Bakkies for sale in Namibia
  • 6. Widhoek open market
  • 7. Rent affordable accommodation in Windhoek
  • 8. Buy & Sell Namibia
  • 9. Buy or Sell Namibia central
  • 10. Buy or Sell Namibia coastal
  • 11. Buy or Sell Namibia north
  • 12. Buy or Sell Namibia south
  • 13. Buy or Sell Properties Namibia
  • 14. Cheap cars in Namibia

And another one is handling instagram posts with no holidays or days off. All just for our client’s better selling performance. It is an absolute win-win engagement, when Facebook users are getting spam free thematic groups, and NamCars is getting advertising space in return.

Once a vehicle is being posted to NamCars.net - it automatically goes to NamCars Facebook page, and then each vehicle is being shared in all our Facebook Groups, where each vehicle is getting around 11-12 shares which equals to 700-800 views for each vehicle.

Posting on Instagram is getting done manually. Other-words, our girl is saving each photo of the vehicle in her cellphone, then uploads them to Instagram manually, adds vehicle description and contact details, as well as hashtags promoting the page etc.

Such strategy gives more than ten times better return than just normal paid Facebook ads with buying likes and views. That's why we actually have so many Facebook groups in Namibia - to have the opportunity for unlimited amount of vehicle shares without a risk of being blocked in return for their moderation. However, recently Facebook blocked our NamCars.net page for a reason of spam distribution in our own thematic groups, which is nonsense. Thus, our business model needs some urgent adjustments. And it is very ironic indeed that spam fighters got banned for spam distribution.

Right now our Facebook page is up and running back again, however we are very careful with sharing our vehicles in our public groups, and urgently looking for a “Plan B” for our “Empire of Facebook groups” which requires around N$30,000 per month to maintain it.

Talking about advertising budget we could say that even for such a big and popular website like ours, we are spending minimum N$50,000 per month for advertising, and sometimes it could go up to N$70,000 per month. All because two internet giants created conditions where any company and website must pay them for the advertisement, regardless of whether it is fairly needed or not.

Published on 27.12.2019 by NamCars.net

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Nam CarsNewsFacebook Groups as Part of Namcars Marketing Strategy