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Nam CarsNewsBest cars for sale in Namibia 2019 - rating by public demand
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16:05 Sunday, 27 of Sep
Windhoek, Namibia
DL Index: N$ 240
18%Change dynamics
USD $1.0 = NAD 17.130
EUR €1.0 = NAD 19.925
Bitcoin ฿1.0 = NAD 182 710

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Used cars in Namibia Namibia vehicle sales

Best cars for sale in Namibia 2019 - rating by public demand

Analyzing different online statistics it is quite interesting to watch that demand for Volkswagen cars is 10% higher than for Toyota cars in Namibia, or even for entire segment of cheap cars. And since we do not have any data on direct sales, we have decided to estimate the selling vehicles rating by amount of page impressions/views on NamCars, which will give the idea of public demand and interest.

However, not only car selling rating picked up our attention, there was a couple of even more interesting facts. We have discovered two separate ratings: one of them shows the number of total pageviews on NamCars which reflects directness of its popularity, and another one shows landing pages and thus reflects efficiency of marketing campaigns runned by vehicle manufacturers, as well as car dealerships themselves.

Thus, we can say that the most popular car dealership in Namibia in 2019 was Mariental Toyota, while the most hard working marketing campaign out of all franchised car dealerships was runned by Indongo Toyota. CarZone gets the first place in nomination for the most popular car dealership, and Exclusive Cars took first place in nomination for the most hard working marketing campaign out of all private car dealerships.

We also noted a huge demand for new cars, which are presented on NamCars not in a very good variety due to the specific position of New cars dealerships in regards to advertising new vehicles on NamCars. The reason for such cautious attitude to the advertising of new cars on NamCars.net may be a territorial restriction applied by franchise agreement of new cars dealership. However, we still recommend new car dealers to advertise their vehicles online in order to make sure that any client who actually belongs to their territory will not be picked up by their competitor dealership, which is happening now in the new car sales market.

NamCars rating by page viewsNamCars rating by landing pages
2. Cheap used cars
3. Toyota
4. Audi
5. Bakkie Double Cab
6. Toyota Hilux
7. Land Rover
8. Volkswagen Amarok
9. Ford
10. Jeep
11. Volkswagen Golf
12. Toyota Land Cruiser
13. Isuzu
14. Volkswagen Jetta
15. Bakkie Single Cab
16. Ford Ranger
17. New Cars
18. Volkswagen Polo
19. Nissan
20. Demo Cars
21. Toyota Fortuner
22. Mariental Toyota
23. Chevrolet
24. Private Deals
25. CarZone
26. KDG Autolink
27. Kia
28. 4x4
29. Volvo
30. Volkswagen Tiguan
31. Investment Cars
32. SUV
33. Volkswagen Passt
34. Toyota Corolla
35. Indonto Toyota Automark
36. Mazda
37. Autolink
38. Huyndai
39. Auto Home
40. Motorcycle
41.Crossroads Car Sales
42. Trucks
43. Stekels Toyota Used cars
44. Nissan NP300
45. Trailers
46. Exclusive Cars
47. Volkswagen Polo Vivo
48. Mercedes Benz C-Class
49. Douglas Motors
50. Car Accessories
1. Cheap cars for sale
2. Volkswagen
3. Toyota
4. Bakkie Double Cab
5. New Cars
6. Bakkie Single Cab
7. Toyota HIlux
8. Mercedes Benz
9. SUV
10. Demo cars
11. Indongo Toyota
12. Trucks
13. Audi
14. Stekels Toyota Used Cars
15. Volkswagen Golf
16. Indongo Toyota Automark
17. Ford
18. Motorcycle
19. Toyota Land Cruiser
20. Volkswagen Polo
21. Mercedes Benz C-Class
22. Toyota Fortuner
23. Ford Ranger
24. Mercedes-Benz E-Class
25. Novel Ford Approved
26. Exclusive Cars
27. Toyota Corolla
28. Isuzu
29. BMW
30. Trailers
31. Mercedes Benz M-Class
32. Ford
33. Nissan
34. Volkswagen Amarok
35. 4x4
36. Volkswagen Jetta
37. Land Rover
38. Volkswagen Polo Vivo
39. Mercedes Benz A-Class
40. Indongo Toyota Ongwediva
41. Auas Motors Certified
42. Avis Car Sales
43. Mercedes Benz G-Class
44. Tractors
45. Isuzu New Cars
46. Isuzu KB-Series
47. Crossroads Car Sales
48. Zimmermann Garage
49. KIA
50. Huyndai


Published on 27.01.2020 by NamCars.net

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Nam CarsNewsBest cars for sale in Namibia 2019 - rating by public demand