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12:02 Wednesday, 22 of Jan
Windhoek, Namibia

USD $1.0 = NAD 14.502
EUR €1.0 = NAD 16.072
Bitcoin ฿1.0 = NAD 126 672

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Used cars in Namibia Namibia vehicle sales


Reporting a stolen vehicle in Namibia or associated crime online

It is quite challenging to find any information in numbers about stolen vehicles and illegal penetration into motor vehicles in Namibia. And if there is any part of information available online, it is usually outdated or unconfirmed, which gives no reference to the public in regard to the real criminal situation in the country. We can not say that ...

Published on 17.01.2020 by NamCars.net

The Google’s privacy issue, and what is the alternative?

According to our own analytics, 35% of traffic comes to NamCars.net from Google, 54% of which comes with search phrases containing “namcars” in one form or another, like “namcars”, “namcars namibia”, “nam cars”, “namcars net”, “namcars vw”, “namcars for sale”, “bakkie ...

Published on 27.12.2019 by NamCars.net

NamCars launches very own article digest

It’s been about two years since the largest newspaper in Namibia, called “The Namibian” posted false news referring to an interview about NamCars, which never really happened. Nevertheless, all our complaints and appeals to the newspaper were completely ignored and this article is still available on their website without any apology ...

Published on 27.12.2019 by NamCars.net

Facebook Groups as Part of Namcars Marketing Strategy

Have you ever wondered why Facebook does not set search filters and categories on their thematic Facebook Groups the same as websites do, and why people have to scroll down hundreds of posts in order to find something relevant? It is not difficult, it is just in conflict with the interests of Facebook, which earns on “The soap bubble” much ...

Published on 27.12.2019 by NamCars.net

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