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Celebrating Ford’s new Fiesta

Back when I was at university, I overheard a classmate loudly share his experience of various cars up to that point in his life. While most of his stories have faded away with the passing of time, one nugget managed to stick around in memory. “Do you know what Ford stands for?” he asked his more attentive listeners. There must have been a few people shaking their heads because he didn’t wait long to inform them that “it stands for First On Rubbish Dump.”

This was nearly 20 years ago, and it is likely that whatever Ford(s) he had driven at that point might have been out of a student’s needs and budget, rather than choice. Since then I’ve known a few more Ford owners and when I tell them this story they all shake their heads and state their complete satisfaction with their choice of Ford. Given that Ford has clawed its way into the third position in the Namibian market, it seems quite a number of Namibians agree.

The latest edition of the Ford Fiesta, part of the Ford family since 1976 (or 1997 on local shores), has undergone some noticeable changes from its predecessor. For starters, the Ambiente is no longer the entry-level model. It’s not even in the pipeline anymore. If you’re looking to buy a new Ford Fiesta, your choices start with the Trend. Let’s take a look at what will likely be the more popular model in Namibia: the Trend 1.5 TDCi (because of diesel).

With some manufacturers, it is difficult to tell the new generation apart from the previous one at a glance. Not so with the new Fiesta. Whereas the previous generation had a vertical brakelamp configuration, the new one sports a more horizontal arrangement. The creasing on the sides has also had a makeover, giving the car a much sleeker, more streamlined appearance.

The interior has also had its nips and tucks. Remember the old infotainment system? There were buttons galore; creating the impression of a feature-rich setup that probably also intimidated a lot of drivers. This time around the engineers have opted for the “less is more” approach: a nice, decent-sized touchscreen display with minimal buttons. It also comes with today’s expected necessities: Bluetooth and phone interfacing. Another minor update you will likely only notice if you were often a passenger in the older model is that there is slightly more legroom in the back. Seat padding was thinned out (not too much as to be uncomfortable) to be able to accommodate adults with a certain degree of comfort.

Under the bonnet is a very workmanlike 1.5l turbodiesel engine. Married to a six-speed manual transmission, this combination is a smooth operator. While not necessarily a bad thing, this grace on the road comes at the cost of power. Its maximum speed is 175km/h, topping out at 1750rpm. The 42-liter fuel tank should last you for approximately 370 kilometers, which works out to a respectable 8.9km/l.

If you’re interested in this particular model, you’ll likely have to give your local car dealer a call and ask about the possibility of them procuring one for you. Alternatively, you can cross the border to South Africa and get a new model for roughly R340 000 (N$350 000). Second hand Fiestas, keeping in mind this includes the likes of the Ambiente, vary between N$ 130 000 and N$180 000.

See for yourself whether this car will turn your regular drive into a joyous occasion or a snoring siesta.

Published on 27.08.2020 by NamCars.net

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Nam CarsNewsCelebrating Ford’s new Fiesta