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Nam CarsNews50% of used car dealer sales in Namibia are happening remotely
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20:47 Wednesday, 08 of Apr
Windhoek, Namibia

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Used cars in Namibia Namibia vehicle sales

50% of used car dealer sales in Namibia are happening remotely

According to car dealers' feedback, half of the customers buying a used vehicle simply request the quotation and pay it, without even coming by the dealer’s showroom for basic vehicle checkup. Therefore, there is a good chance that these pandemic and quarantine will not have a significant impact on the level of sales of used cars in Namibia.

Coronavirus pandemic and all measures taken in order to prevent it from severe spreading further, specifically quarantine restrictions, helped to find out that employees work from home two hours more than they do in their offices.

After switching to the recommended remote work from home during a coronavirus pandemic, office workers began to work an average of 2 hours longer than they would at the same office job. Such data were reported by Bloomberg, citing a study held by NordVPN.

And according to the researchers, in the United States employees added in average 3 hours to their regular work day, which increased their work time by almost 40%.

At the same time, in European countries, like Great Britain, France and Spain, as well as in Canada, the working day lasted longer for an average of 2 hours as many people begin to actually work earlier than usual.

According to Daniel Marcusson, an expert on digital privacy at NordVPN Teams, after current restrictions get lifted, many companies will become much more loyal to remote work in general, and earlier start of the working day may be explained by the lack of the need to spend some time to get to the office.

NamCars support and development team have always been working remotely from home since the very beginning, and proved its efficiency by a decade of successful operation and high level of CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index).

Published on 24.03.2020 by NamCars.net

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Nam CarsNews50% of used car dealer sales in Namibia are happening remotely